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Mining Crypto-Currencies in 2018 with a PC GPU (or laptop)

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2020 Update:

I left mining…5 days after writing this blog post (I wrote this back in 2018).
I earnt ~10 TZC, which, as of 2020 April, is approximately 0.01379 USD. Yes, value went down. Yes, a huge income.
Current thoughts: If you can have cheap electricity and cheap hardware (both of which I don’t have), go mine!

We all know that we cannot mine Bitcoins with a PC now, anymore, atleast until you don’t want to have something like this —

Awesome heater that looks like a burning computer
New product: Heater that looks like a computer!

However, BTC is not the only available crypto coin. There are thousands.

And not all of them are equivalent to thousands of USD. The coin I am currently mining, as of writing, is about 0.4$ per coin (TrezarCoin, more on this below). Many are currently in a stage similar to BitCoin’s early days, that is in layman terms, still mineable on a low/middle end PC. That is mainly cause dedicated ASICs are not yet available for them.

I’m currently experimenting with mining on my HP laptop, with a 5th gen Intel i5, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 940M (Not even a gaming GPU). And the results so far are not bad. Earnt 2 TZC (approx $0.8 at time of writing) in 18 hours.

Q — What the hell is TZC?

TreZarCoin. The crypto coin I am currently mining. 1 TZC = $0.4 for now.

…and how is mining $0.8 a day profitable?

The number one reason I would say is that, it is an investment. Who knows, even TZC might skyrocket to thousands of USD in the future, just as BitCoin did. In its early days, BitCoin too amounted to a very low amount of USD.

Initial bitcoin prices
How BTC was in its childhood

I cannot gurantee you will earn profit at the current rates though: It depends on the mining rig setup (efficiency of hardware), and the cost of electricity. My setup takes low power (it is a laptop after all), and electricity is quite cheap here.

Q — Where/What/When/How do you mine?

  • Where — I mine with my laptop on either Linux or Windows depending on what I am using. Duh.
  • What — I mine TrezarCoin. It was introduced in late 2017.
  • When — I generally keep mining on my laptop 24x7, except when I am playing games or running software upgrades. And really, running a laptop 24x7 does NOT destroy it. I have been doing this (and other stuff which require always-on PC setups) for years on a HP laptop. Although I recommend plugging it in to a charger and removing the battery.
  • How — I recommend you read one of the countless mining tutorials available on the net. I am currently using the official TrezarCoin mining pool, which has a nice “Getting Started”.

Q — How do I get started?

We all have different PCs (a mid range laptop in my case). Different initial investments (0 in my case). Different power prices (IDK what’s exactly the price here). We only have a common intention: to mine.

Enough with the weird talk. If you want to start, I suggest you head over to Enter the GPU your computer has (you can approximate, as I did), and other stuff like cost of electricity, power consumption, etc. Then you will get a nice table of cryptocurrencies you can mine. I recommend doing a bit of homework, aka, researching on the crypto coin: How good is the market, What is the expected outcome of the price of the coin in the future, etc. Again, any questions, just ask me.

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じゃあね (See ya)!

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