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Hello World 3.0+1.0

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Yes, this name is a rip off of Evangelion 3.0+1.0. No, unlike Eva 4.0, this post is not imaginary. Atleast as of April 2020. Eva 4.0 was supposed to release in June 2020 but corona :( Probably will get delayed to 2120.

Why is this 4.0? How many blogs existed before?! Who killed them!?

Side Note: ?! or !? is called the interrobang. Small things you learn everyday.

I killed them. Now, before I get jailed or lynched, let me prove my innocence.

The first blog I made was written using a custom markdown-to-static-using-python I made and … well I learnt pretty quickly that reinventing the wheel is 9/10 times a bad idea. So I killed it. I migrated it’s contents to blog 2.0, though. Also, I made a theme myself (yay?) based on EBMFW. Not a PG-13 website, but a quite nice theme.

The second blog was written in Jekyll. Much better, even GitHub recommends that! I don’t have to handle all the small nuiances myself, and there are thousands of themes for it! All was good, but then things suddenly took a bad turn… and this is where things started to get dark. I have no idea why I killed it. Honestly. In my defence, I was probably possessed by a ghost. Or got hit by a truck and didn’t get isekai-ed. And in that state of madness, I committed one of the worst sins ever…

I created the third blog, 3.0, with Joomla…not. Just kidding, I’d have killed myself too if I consciously made a Joomla site. As you can probably guess at this point, it was a Wordpress site. Why? I still have no idea, but here’s an excerpt from that blog:

So, you might ask, why do the same thing three times? Answer is … I don’t know. I felt it was better using WordPress instead of writing a custom CMS (as in first attempt) or waste life in writing Markdown (as in second attempt, which worked on Jekyll).

See? I have absolutely no idea why I used Wordpress.

Cute kitty
A cute kitten to bring down your anger level.

In this, my fourth and probably final attempt, I have undertaken a spiritual journey to get rid of the sin of calling Markdown as waste of life. Please forgive me. I know I cannot be forgiven for this, but still, please try. Oh, and if you try to come murder me, just take the lift (elevator for you American folks), and don’t glide in through the window. That’s … quite annoying.

I will port the (( good )) content of my previous blogs here.

This looks cool! What are you using?

Like all cultured men, I am using Hugo with Zzo Theme. One word: Daamn, this is the best! Okay, 5 words. But honestly, it even got a gallery! And ability to do presentations! And showcases! And publications! And FIVE THEMES AS OF NOW. Seriously, this is an awesome theme. Get it. 11/10 would recommend.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

To atone for my sin of saying Markdown is waste of life.

No specific purpose. I plan on writing about my hobbies, ranging from electronics, radio transmission/receiving, astronomy/astrophotography, tech stuff, maybe even programming. And I’ll also post pics I take or draw in the gallery. It’s free for all to use, just give me an attribution and I’d be super happy :)

Soham Sen
Soham Sen
Just another teen writing on *mostly* STEM and a bit of anime.